Customers need information to be fun and visually engaging if you hope to hold their attention. Our augmented videos give overlaid text an images communicate complex information in a form that keeps customers engaged.

Some examples of using augmented video include making training videos with videoed items clearly marked and labeled and overlaying routes, text and descriptions to help customers follow along.

Information Videos With Added Descriptions

Instructional videos give useful extra information to create a fun and engaging way of communicating to colleagues, customers or the general public. This short video example (done for illustration purposes only) give instructions on driving in the snow but the technique could be used for teaching how to operate a machine or assemble a kit.

Lines, Tracking and Map Overlays

This example shows how animated maps and charts can be augmented with tracks and annotations giving information about routes and specific regions.

Text Overlays and Annotated Videos

Adding text and graphics to a video allows you to hold the audience’s attention for longer, giving you time to impart complex information. This short example takes a short piece to camera and allows it to be engaging over a longer period. This technique can be used to “rescue” footage which isn’t deemed usable.

Talk To Us About Augmented or Annotated Video

If you need an information video or have footage you want converted into a presentation for customers or colleagues we would be happy to talk about your needs.